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The STL Viewer is FREE software for visualisation of STL or OBJ meshes created in packages such as 3D Studio Max, MAYA and Z Brush, modeled in CAD systems or generated from 3D digitalization of physical objects.

With its simplified user interface, fast rendering and ability to handle even big volumes of data the STL Viewer is an ideal tool for examining polygonal meshes.

Install Set - 566 Kb

Standalone Executable - 376 Kb

Why do I need this viewer?

STL file format is a common format for 3d digitising, rapid prototyping, animation and 3d data archiving software.
If you receive triangular mesh data containing CAD models, scan data or 3d designs you can quickly see it in the viewer.
You may also find it useful if you are a company or person providing such data to your customers and need a visualisation tool to give away with it.


  1. Loading polygonal meshes in STL and OBJ file formats
  2. Navigating the object with the mouse only
  3. Quickly resetting the object in default views – front, back, left, right, top and bottom
  4. Getting information about the extensions of the object and the number of vertices and triangles of the mesh
  5. Animated zooming of the object
  6. Customisable colors of the background and the object
  7. Various rendering options - points, wireframe, flat and smooth shading, mesh boundaries

How to use it?

  1. Download and install as any other application. Shortcuts in the Start Menu and on the desktop will be created. Alternatively you can just download the executable file and save it in your preferred location
  2. Open files using the open icon or drag and drop files with .stl or .obj extension
  3. To rotate the object press and hold middle mouse button
  4. To translate the object press and hold right mouse button
  5. Use mouse wheel to zoom in and out
  6. If you want to rotate around a specific point on the object, hold Ctrl key and press and hold the middle button while the mouse pointer is over the desired point

Do not want the logo at the bottom?

Contact us for creating a customized version of the viewer with your company logo or other features in the software
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